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The Fourleaf Solution

Is your business success dependent on the effective organization of a network of customers and suppliers? Simplify business processes and ensure network information is used to create profitable marketplaces with the right technology solutions. Even the best networks can be difficult to grow and support. Fourleaf makes connecting and integrating clients, vendors, partners easy, paperless, and error free.

Develop stronger relationships by tracking lead nurturing programmatically

Conduct contractual transactions with fewer errors and increased accuracy

Create a convenient, one-stop data catalog for more effective data management

What Is Fourleaf?

Key Features
  • Streamlined ingestion of roster information

  • Secure storage for files,
    contracts, and more

  • Centralized management for all network member files

  • Fully integrated task management

  • Automated and customizable reporting

Key Benefits
  • Reduced costs, increased revenue

  • Efficient processes, fewer errors

  • Automated document management and production

  • Single point management for network member data

Key Technologies
  • SaaS powered by Microsoft Azure

  • MSFT powerApps with rapidly configurable and secure workflows

  • Electronic contracting powered by DocuSign

  • Secured follow National Institute of Standards and Technology

Ingest & Validate Data
  • Ingest csv, xls, and more

  • Validate data accuracy automatically

  • Export clean data in the formats you use

  • Explore self-serve dashboards

  • Create custom performance reports

  • Enjoy geospatial integration

File Curation
  • Expand into secure information storage

  • Set the governance and control standards you count on

  • Full Microsoft integration

Electronic Contracting
  • Reduce common contract errors

  • Improve accuracy and speed to signature

  • Enjoy ease of integrated electronic signatures

Task Management
  • Track vital tasks and documents

  • Create visibility of your workflow 

  • Review progress by provider

It’s Your Process, Simplified

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’ve been in contact centers for over 26 years, the majority of that in the healthcare space. Now, as the Principal of a consulting company, one of the most persistent challenges I face is understanding a client’s business quickly enough to help them scale it and make it more effective and efficient in a competitive and fast-adapting market. After diving into ARC Healthcare’s Fourleaf platform, I feel like I could build and scale a complete Provider Network Development operation based around it. The reporting is fantastic, the workflows within are dialed in, and the digital documentation repository is one of those things that we should all be asking how we’ve done without for so long. If I were asked to develop a Provider Network Solution, I would rely on Fourleaf in a heartbeat. Better yet, I’d contract with ARC to assist with the whole thing because they’re so much more than a platform provider, they’re a total turnkey solution owned and operated by one of the most dedicated and ethical leaders that I know.”


Jason Ronczka

Principal – Union Forge Consulting